Alice Vanderschoot
°1989 Roeselare, Belgium
Lives and works in Ghent and Bruges


2011-2013 / MA, Fine Arts, Sculpture, KASK, Ghent, BE
2007-2010 / BA, Fine Arts, Sculpture, KASK, Ghent, BE
2005-2007 / KSO, Fine Arts, TIHF, Bruges, BE


2015 / Selection work, 'Auction TL', Gouvernement, Ghent, BE
2014 / Exhibition, "TL at Nightshop", Nightshop, Knokke, BE
2013 / Group exhibition 'You are not what you seem', Zwart Wild, Ghent, BE
2013 / Concordia Concours, PAK, Gistel, BE
2013 / Group exhibition Graduation, Zwarte Zaal, KASK, Ghent, BE
2013 / Finishing show, KIOSK, KASK, Ghent, BE
2012 / Open Monuments, Joseph Ryelandtzaal, Bruges, BE
2010 / Group exhibition, Croxhapox, Ghent, BE


Upcoming / 6-23 august 2015, thur-sun, 'The Audience', Terrasfestival, V-art, Waregem, BE

2013 / Scenography, Ballet Dommage, 'Volk, Fragment 1', Campo Victoria, Ghent, BE
2011 / Scenography, Ballet Dommage, 'Graag Had Ik', TAZ, Ostend, BE
2011 / Scenography, Ballet Dommage, 'We All Need Some', Entrepot Bruges, Campo Victoria Ghent, BE